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Joining UWAA & Member Benefits

Who is eligible to join UWAA? I didn't graduate from UW—can I join the UWAA?
Anyone is eligible to join the UW Alumni Association. While the largest portion of our members are UW alumni, if you're interested in supporting the university and taking advantage of our unique membership benefits, you're welcome to join no matter your background.

What types of memberships do you offer?
Our standard membership levels are annual and life. Within both these categories we offer discounted memberships to young alumni (UW degree holder within 5 years of graduation date) and seniors (UW degree holder 65 years of age or older). Joint memberships are available to partners living in the same household. See our membership section for more information.

We also offer a special membership for new graduates. If you graduated within the last six months you can sign up for our special New Grad Membership Pack.

I've lost my UWAA membership card/My card is worn out. Can I get a new one?
Absolutely! We are happy to replace membership cards at any time. Simply contact the UWAA. We will verify your membership status and get a replacement card to you right away.

How do alumni get a library card after becoming a UWAA member?
Take your UWAA membership card to the Suzzallo Library Account Services (open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday), to have a new library card issued or an old one renewed. You can also get a card at the Bothell or Tacoma circulation desks. In all cases, you'll need to show your current UWAA membership card. See the UW Libraries Borrowing for Alumni page for more details. If you've just signed up for a membership, but haven't received your card in the mail, the UWAA may be able to e-mail a confirmation of your membership purchase to the circulation desk.

As a member, can I use online research databases and other UW Libraries services?
The main Libraries membership benefit is the ability to check out books. Due to licensing restrictions, the UWAA member benefit does not include remote access to restricted online databases. However, research workstations are available for use by the public at many UW library locations. For more information on what's available, visit the UW Libraries Borrowing for Alumni page and the Services for Visitors page.

Can UWAA members use the IMA?
No. The IMA is open only to current students, faculty and staff.

Can UWAA members use the Nordstrom Tennis Center?
Only Lifetime members paid in full have access to the Nordstrom Tennis Center.

Can alumni get discounted football or basketball tickets?
Sometimes we do have discounted tickets to sporting events, but it varies from year to year. The athletic department provides the UWAA with blocks of tickets that are usually available only online. Check our "Cheer" section for any current ticket offers.

For all other questions about Husky sports tickets, please see the Husky Athletics site or contact the Husky Ticket Office at 206-543-2200 or

Personal Information and Records

How do I find out my UW alumni number? Is it the same as my UW student number?
Your alumni ID number is different than your student number. However, your UW alumni number is the same as your UWAA member number. Your alumni ID can be up to 10 digits. Here's four ways to find out your alumni ID number:

  • Your alumni number is printed on your UWAA membership card if you're a member. (See an example)
  • It's listed on the mailing label of Columns, the alumni magazine, if you receive it in the mail. (See an example)
  • If you have a NetID, you can log-in to—your ID number is listed under the "Alumni" tab.
  • You can call the UW Alumni Association during regular business hours.

How can I change my address or other information?
If you've have any updates, ranging from moving to a name change or a new e-mail address, you help us keep your alumni record current by filling out our change of address form.

How do I get access to my UW transcripts?
Former students and alumni who attended classes in 1983 or later can order official and unofficial transcripts online. You will need a UW NetID to do this—see below for more details on obtaining a UW NetID.

Online Services - UW NetIDs

What is a UW NetID and why should I get one?
UW Technology provides detailed information on what a UW NetID is and how it works. As to why, you might want to show your pride in your alma mater by using a UW e-mail address, or you might want to use an online service for career networking or lifelong learning. It's also necessary if you want to order a transcript online. It's the best way to get access to everything UW offers online.

Who is and who is not eligible to get a UW NetID?
Most alumni and UW Alumni Association members are eligible for a UW NetID, but not all. Alumni and member populations that MAY NOT BE eligible for a UW NetID include:

  • Degreed alumni of UW with no Social Security Number and no Student ID number on file with UW.
  • Non-alumni members of UWAA with no Social Security Number and no Student ID number on file with UW.

I'd like to sign up for a NetID, where do I go?
Go to the Get Your UW NetID site. Follow the prompts. If you're an alumni or UWAA member, the system will ask for your last name and alumni ID number. If you don't know your ID number, see the Personal Information FAQ above. If you get an error message when trying to register, it may be that we don't have the proper information on file for you. Please contact the UWAA for assistance.

I had a NetID when I was a student. Can I still use it?
Yes. When you choose a NetID it's yours for life. If you can't remember what it was or are having trouble logging in, you can contact UW Technology's Help Desk for assistance.

What do I do if I've forgotten my UW NetID password?
UW Technology provides information on how to reset your UW NetID password.

Online Services - E-mail and More

What computer and e-mail services are available to UW alumni and UWAA members?
We've partnered with Microsoft and Google to offer two free (and ad-free!) e-mail systems especially for UW. Learn about our free alumni e-mail services. Also, as mentioned above, alumni can sign up for a UW NetID which can be used for a variety of online services.

UWAA members can take advantage of the Husky Career Network.

I'm a UW student. What happens to my e-mail and NetID when I graduate?
First off, your UW NetID is yours for life. You'll also be able to continue to send and receive e-mails from your UW e-mail address as well as access other UW online services, such as UW Alumni Association programs and ordering transcripts online. However, to continue your service uninterrupted, you'll want to follow the instructions provided by UW Technology. They will contact you a few weeks before your student services expire (usually about one quarter after you graduate). The e-mail notice will explain in detail which services do and do not expire. Typically, your storage space will be reduced and you will no longer have access to publish a web page, access UW Libraries databases, etc.

If you don't take any action upon graduating, you can always sign up later as an alumnus, but you will lose any stored e-mails or Web sites you may have had access to as a student.

If you've graduated, but are employed by the University, you'll continue to have access to all online services offered to UW staff. This typically is very similar to what students can access.

UW Technology is currently partnering with Microsoft to provide a service for alumni called UW Outlook Live. It's an easy way to keep using your UW e-mail address.

I want to connect and network with alumni/find my old friends, where do I start?
Yes, we have plenty of ways to connect with other Huskies! Here's a quick summary:

  • Alumni Groups - Visit the "Meet" section of our site to find out about alumni communities around the globe, our academic associations and special interest groups. It's the best place to start if you're looking for an alumni group in your area or want to find out about alumni activities for your school or department.
  • Find-A-Friend Service - We help our members find "lost" UW friends through letter forwarding. Simply enclose a letter in an envelope marked with the name and grad year of a UW friend, and mail the letter to the UWAA membership department and it will be forwarded to the alum if we have an address on file. This can be especially helpful if the friend you're looking for hasn't shared any information in the online directory. Please note—our privacy policy and state/federal law does not allow us to give out any contact information directly.
  • Career Networking - If you're interested in connecting professionally with fellow alumni or would like to get career advice from other Huskies, visit our "Careers" section for our offerings.
  • Connect on Facebook - Join the thousands of other Huskies who have become fans of the UW Alumni Assocation. We'll keep you updated on the latest new, plus you never know: some of your old friends might be fans as well.

Does the UWAA have an e-mail privacy policy?

The UW Alumni Association takes your privacy very seriously. We will never request personal information—including passwords, usernames, telephone numbers or any financial data—through e-mail. For more information, see the University of Washington's Privacy Policy pages.

I've received a suspicious e-mail that says it's from the UW. What should I do?
"Phishing" e-mails are fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information (such as passwords, Social Security numbers) by masquerading as originating from a trustworthy source. As a large public institution, has occasionally been the identity used by hackers. Please do not release any personal information in response to any suspicious message.

Contact the UW Alumni Association at or 206-543-0540 or 1-800-AUW-ALUM to report possible fraud. Please review the resources below to learn more about e-mail "phishing":

Phishing Resources

Columns Magazine

Who receives Columns Magazine?
Any graduate with a 4-year degree from UW or any UWAA alumni member can receive Columns magazine. Graduates with certificate program degrees or 2-year Masterís degrees may only receive the magazine by joining the UWAA. Learn more about subscriptions.

How often is Columns published?
It is a quarterly publication, mailed out the first week of December, March, July and September. The online edition launches approximately the 1st of each of those four months. You can always access Columns online for free, including our extensive archives of back issues. Visit the Columns site.

Can I be added to the Columns mailing list if I am a non-member?
No. The only way to be added to the mailing list if you did not attend or graduate from UW is to join the UWAA.

How can I get extra copies of Columns?
The UWAA is happy to provide a complimentary copy of the current issue of Columns. Send your request to Because of limited availability, we cannot provide back issues except under special circumstances.

Miscellaneous Questions

Who do I contact to make a donation or ask about a donation that I previously made?
All inquiries about donations should be directed towards the UW Foundation:

    UW Foundation
    407 Gerberding Hall
    Box 35210
    Seattle, WA 98195-1210
    206-685-1980 or 1-800-326-7566

How do alumni register for classes?
Alumni older than 60 can join the Access Program to take classes. Otherwise, it is necessary to enroll as a regular student to take classes.

How can I verify that someone received a degree from UW?
The University of Washington maintains an online Degree Validation page. Please note that this only lists graduates after 1983 and does not include alumni who have restricted their directory release information. You can also contact the UW Office of the Registrar at 206-543-8580 or

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