Free UW E-mail for Alumni

The UW Alumni Association and UW Information Technology are proud to offer e-mail services for all alumni! We've partnered with Google to offer a free (and ad-free!) e-mail system as part of the Google apps suite of services especially for UW. Not only do you get lots of nifty features and a rock-solid e-mail program, you can also showcase your Husky pride.

UW Google Apps

UW Google Email

The UW Google Apps suite of services includes UW Google Email, an ad-free service with 7 GB of storage, plus a host of other features such as Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Talk. Like UW Windows Live, UW Google Apps also has the familiar UW purple and gold you love! Learn more and sign up today.

UW Windows Live


While UW-IT is supporting existing UW Windows Live accounts, new Windows Live accounts are not available at this time. Sometime soon (probably early 2014), a new version of UW Exchange will be available to alumni. If you currently have a UW Windows Live account, click here to learn more about the UW Windows Live transition.

About UW Alumni E-mail Services

Below are a few questions and answers about the e-mail services for alumni. Be sure to check UW Technology's "Cloud Services" section for lots more detail, particularly about technical issues.

Who is eligible for these services?
At this time, all alumni as well as current and former UW students are eligible. UW-IT also now offers the service to UW faculty and staff (including those who are also alumni). There are some complications for some faculty/staff so we recommend that you check with your department's IT staff before signing up.

Do I have to be a UWAA member to get free e-mail?
No—all alumni and former students are eligible to sign up free of charge. Membership dues help support programs like this (not to mention providing lots of great benefits), so we certainly encourage you to join the UWAA if you're not already a member.

Do I have to pay anything to have UW e-mail?
No. Google and Microsoft services are free to alumni (and students) of UW. UW-IT continues to build our partnership with both these companies.

Why are there two choices? How should I choose?
The university is proud to work with both companies to offer e-mail services to our graduates. Once UW Exchange is launched, the offerings will somewhat similar, with the main feature being a robust e-mail system that's tailored for UW. You'll be able to receive e-mail at your UW address with either one. Beyond comparing the features, it may be a matter of personal preference. We're pretty sure you'll like either one!

No ads? Doesn't Gmail have ads?
Just your e-mail and a splash of purple—UW Google Email is ad-free, unlike their comparable standard e-mail services. We're proud to offer them sans advertising.

Is UW Google Email the same as Gmail?
It's very similar, but tailored speficially for UW. There's the UW theme plus no advertisements. All the features you may have used within Gmail are also available, such as chat, contacts as well as Google Docs and Calendar.

Can I sign up for both services?
Short answer: yes, but it can get confusing, thus we don't recommend it. It's technically possible to sign up for both, but you're only able to set your UW e-mail to go to one at a time. So we suggest avoiding the confusion and sticking with one. If you're the inquisitive sort, you can test out both then set your forwarding to the one you prefer.

How much e-mail storage space is included with my account?
UW Google Email has 7GB of storage space.

I already have a UW e-mail account and messages stored there. Can I transfer my messages to UW Google Email?
Yes, the process is a bit complicated, but UW-IT has put together a step-by-step guide for both services. Check out their instructions for UW Google Email.

I have my UW e-mail set to forward to another address. Can I keep doing that and still use these services?
No. Your address can only be forwarded to one other address. If you want to use UW Google Apps to receive your UW e-mail, you'll have to switch your forwarding address. You can view your forwarding information on the Manage UW NetID Resources page.

I'm having trouble signing up for UW Google Apps. Where can I get help?
For problems activating either service or changing you password, please contact UW Information Technology's Help Desk. They also have some other answers on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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