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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington


1.  Explanation of Materials Published in this Resource

The Washington Administrative Code: Title 478 WAC - UW Rules resource provides those Washington Administrative Code (WAC) rules that are promulgated by the University of Washington. Each Washington State agency is provided with a separate title number under which it issues its WAC rules; the University's designated title is: Title 478 WAC. WAC rules are issued by authority of specific enabling statutes (as published in the Revised Code of Washington, or RCW) and like legislation and the state Constitution these WAC rules are a source of primary law in Washington State. Subject matter that requires WAC rule making by the University (rather than a University policy) is included in the state's definition of "rule," see: RCW 34.05.010 (16). The University official(s) delegated responsibility for this subject matter work with the University's division of the Attorney General's Office in determining when WAC rules are required.

WAC rules are published by Washington State's Office of the Code Reviser, which is also responsible for editing the final copy of all WAC rules. The Office of the Code Reviser's style guide, the Bill Drafting Guide, Part IV, Instructions on Style, includes extensive use of lower case capitalization. The Washington Administrative Code: Title 478 WAC - UW Rules resource follows this style guide in the text of all WAC sections, but not in the capitalization of headings (or captions, as they are called in the WAC).

The Washington Administrative Code: Title 478 WAC - UW Rules resource provides each WAC rule section as a separate web page for ease of locating specific topics through the UW Policy Directory search function. However, a link to each complete WAC chapter is available on the table of contents page for each WAC chapter. These "complete chapter" links connect with Washington State's comprehensive WAC website and are not maintained in the UW Policy Directory.

2.  History of the Material Prior to Publication in this Resource

Prior to being published here, in the UW Policy Directory website beginning December 2010, the University only had access to Title 478 WAC rules through the state's WAC website.  Previously, from 1973 through 2009, the University's WAC rules were also published as hard copy in a binder distributed by the Rules Coordination Office for campus use.

3.  History of Revisions

The revision history for each WAC section is located at the end of that section. WAC sections can be initiated, amended, and repealed independent of the chapter in which they appear, and so contain separate revision histories. The revision history for a WAC section usually contains the relevant statute authority under which the section was initiated or amended; the Washington State Register (WSR) number (or Order Number for older sections) under which it appeared in the WSR; the WAC section number; the filing date on which the final Rule Making Order was filed with the state's Office of the Code Reviser by the agency; and the effective date of the rule.

A link to the "dispositions" of sections formerly contained in the chapter may also appear on the table of contents page for a WAC chapter. This link provides the revision history for sections formerly contained in the chapter, but since repealed. A similar "dispositions" link appears on the overall chapter table of contents page which connects to the revision history of complete chapters that have been repealed.

4.  Organization and Numbering System Used in this Resource

When referring to a WAC section, the "WAC" indicator appears first, followed by a number, made up of three parts:  the title number, the chapter number, and the section number. All chapters included in the UW Policy Directory are from Title 478 WAC, which indicates those WAC rules promulgated by the University of Washington. Therefore, all WAC numbers in the UW Policy Directory start with "478."  WAC numbers are divided by dashes (while Revised Code of Washington [RCW] numbers are divided by periods). The chapter number appears after the first dash and the section number appears after the second dash. Generally, but not always, these are three digit numbers. So, WAC 478-136-030, indicates a section of code in Title 478, Chapter 136, and Section 030.

When referring to a WAC chapter, the title and chapter number appear before the "WAC" indicator: Chapter 478-136 WAC. And, when referring to a WAC title, the title number also appears before the "WAC" indicator: Title 478 WAC.

5.  How to Cite Material in this Resource

  #1 Cite Washington Administrative Code titles as follows:
Title ### WAC
Example:  Title 478 WAC

  #2 Cite Washington Administrative Code chapters as follows:
Chapter ###-### WAC
Example: Chapter 478-136 WAC

  #3 Cite Washington Administrative Code sections as follows:
WAC ###-###-###
Example: WAC 478-136-030

  #4 Cite Washington Administrative Code subsections as follows:
WAC ###-###-###(#)
Example: WAC 478-136-030(12)

  #5 If you wish to include the heading (or caption) of the chapter or section in the citation, include it after the complete WAC citation.
Chapter 478-136 WAC, "Use of University of Washington Facilities"

6.  How to Add New, or Revise or Remove Existing Material Located in this Resource

WAC rules are initiated, amended, and repealed according to the Washington State Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 34.05 RCW). At the University of Washington, the process of initiating, amending, or repealing WAC rules is handled by the University's designated Rules Coordinator in the Rules Coordination Office.

The content of the University's WAC rules is the responsibility of the University official(s) delegated that authority by executive order. The Rules Coordinator works with the appropriate University official(s) and the University's division of the Attorney General's Office to develop the proposed rule(s), and with the state Office of the Code Reviser to create the final draft language. The Rules Coordinator also oversees the state's rule-making process, including official filings with the state Office of the Code Reviser, publication of notices, public hearings, and coordination with the Office of the President and the University's Board of Regents for adoption of the rules. Except for temporary, emergency WAC rules and housekeeping amendments (both of which may be adopted by the University President), permanent WAC rules are adopted by the University's Board of Regents. University WAC rules currently undergoing or recently completing the rule-making process are listed in the University's Docket of WAC Rules.

For more information, contact the Rules Coordination Office as follows:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 206-543-9219
  • Campus mail: Box 351210

May 23, 2017.