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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington

Chapter 478-168 WAC: Regulations for the University of Washington Libraries

WAC 478-168-180: Identification card — Conditions of use.

(1) Each borrower is responsible for obtaining an official identification card from the appropriate university office or a library borrower's card from the library account services.

(2) An identification card is authorized for use only by the individual whose name appears on the card.

(3) Official identification must be presented for the completion of each in-person circulation transaction.

(4) Each borrower is responsible for materials checked out on his or her University of Washington identification card or library borrower's card. Library materials are not to be loaned to others.

(5) All borrowers are responsible for keeping the appropriate university office informed of changes of address.

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