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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington

Chapter 478-160 WAC: Admission and Registration Procedures for the University of Washington

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WAC Sections Read Online
478-160-005 Legal authority to enact.
478-160-010 Admissions procedures — Statement of purpose.
478-160-015 Admission categories.
478-160-020 Undergraduate admission policy.
478-160-025 Undergraduate student classifications.
478-160-030 Early application guidelines.
478-160-035 Application forms for undergraduate standing.
478-160-040 Admission of undergraduate students through the educational opportunity program.
478-160-045 Admission of international students.
478-160-050 Application forms for international students.
478-160-055 Admission to specific major degree programs.
478-160-060 Reconsideration of decisions for admission to the University of Washington.
478-160-065 Admission of former students.
478-160-070 Graduate admission policy.
478-160-075 Graduate classifications.
478-160-080 Early application.
478-160-085 Application to graduate school.
478-160-095 Admission to the advanced professional schools of dentistry, law, medicine, and pharmacy — Policy.
478-160-100 Admission to the school of dentistry.
478-160-105 Admission to the school of dentistry — Application.
478-160-110 Admission to the school of law — On-line application.
478-160-115 Admission to the school of law with advanced standing.
478-160-125 Admission to the school of medicine.
478-160-130 First-year admission to the school of medicine — Application.
478-160-140 Application for transfer to the school of medicine.
478-160-142 Admission to the school of pharmacy — Application forms.
478-160-143 Admission to the school of pharmacy with advanced standing.
478-160-145 Admission with nonmatriculated status.
478-160-150 Definition of nonmatriculated status.
478-160-160 Applications for housing and financial aid.
478-160-162 Financial aid information.
478-160-163 Waivers of tuition and fees.
478-160-165 Continuing education procedures — Statement of purpose.
478-160-170 Continuing education — Policy.
478-160-175 Credit definitions.
478-160-190 Noncredit courses.
478-160-210 Change of residence application forms.
478-160-230 Appeal of change of residence determination.
478-160-231 Residence classification review committee.
478-160-235 Enrollment and registration procedures — Statement of purpose.
478-160-240 Definitions.
478-160-246 Enrollment confirmation deposit for new and returning students for autumn, winter and spring quarters.
478-160-256 Refund of the enrollment confirmation deposit.
478-160-260 International students — Accident insurance requirement.
478-160-265 Registration for residence credit courses.
478-160-270 Registration periods.
478-160-271 Registration eligibility.
478-160-275 Late registration or course adds — Registration period III.
478-160-280 Registration changes.
478-160-285 Change of registration service fee.
478-160-290 Withdrawal from the university.
478-160-295 Military withdrawals.
478-160-300 Registration requirements for graduate students.
478-160-305 On-leave status for graduate students.
478-160-310 Change of school or college.
478-160-315 Auditors.
478-160-320 Special instructional programs offered summer quarter.

Dispositions of Sections Formerly Codified in this Chapter