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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC – University of Washington

Chapter 478–120 WAC: Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington

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This table lists links to web versions of the sections of the document.
WAC Sections Read Online
478–120–010 Student conduct code — Authority.
478–120–020 Standards of conduct.
478–120–025 Off-campus conduct.
478–120–030 General procedures for disciplinary sanctions.
478–120–040 Disciplinary sanctions.
478–120–050 Jurisdiction.
478–120–065 Informal disciplinary hearings.
478–120–075 Appeals.
478–120–085 The university disciplinary committees.
478–120–095 Hearings before the university disciplinary committees.
478–120–100 Faculty appeal board.
478–120–105 Administrative review by the faculty appeal board.
478–120–115 Formal hearings before the faculty appeal board.
478–120–125 Review by the president of the university.
478–120–135 Reconsideration of final orders.
478–120–140 Emergency authority of the president and chancellors of the university.
478–120–145 Recording and maintenance of records.

Dispositions of Sections Formerly Codified in this Chapter