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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington

Chapter 478-118 WAC: Parking and Traffic Rules of the University of Washington, Tacoma

WAC 478-118-020: Definitions.

The following definitions apply to this chapter:

(1) Bicycle: Any device defined as a bicycle in chapter 46.04 RCW.

(2) Campus: The campus of University of Washington, Tacoma.

(3) Employee: An employee of the university.

(4) Fee: A charge for the use of the permit issued.

(5) Hours of operation: The hours of operation established by the university for a particular parking area, parking lot, or parking space.

(6) Impoundment: The removal of a vehicle to a storage area by either a public safety officer or agent of the university.

(7) Motorcycles and scooters: A motor vehicle designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, on which the driver rides astride the motor unit or power train and is designed to be steered with a handle bar. For the purposes of these rules, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, and motorized scooters are considered to be motorvehicles and are subject to all traffic and parking rules controlling motor vehicles.

(8) Nonmotor/nonmotorized vehicle: A device other than a motor vehicle used to transport persons. Nonmotorized vehicles include, but are not limited to, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and roller skates.

(9) Operator or driver: Every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle or a nonmotorized vehicle.

(10) Parking space: A space for parking one motor vehicle designated by: Lines painted on either side of the space, at the rear of the space, a wheelstop positioned in front of the space, a sign or signs, or other markings.

(11) Public safety officers: Employees of the university who are responsible for campus security, safety, and parking and traffic control.

(12) Registered owner: The person who has the lawful right of possession of a vehicle most recently recorded with any state department of licensing.

(13) Roller skate/rollerblade: A device used to attach wheels to the foot or feet of a person.

(14) Skateboard: Any oblong board of whatever composition, with a pair of wheels at each end, which may be ridden by a person.

(15) Student: A person enrolled in the university.

(16) Traffic: Motorized and nonmotorized modes of transportation defined in 46.04 RCW.

(17) University: The University of Washington, Tacoma, and collectively those responsible for its control and operations.

(18) Vehicle: Any motorized vehicle or nonmotorized vehicle.

(19) Visitor: A person who is neither an employee nor a student of the university.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.560 and 28B.20.130. 05-08-017, § 478-118-020, filed 3/28/05, effective 4/28/05; 02-15-174, § 478-118-020, filed 7/24/02, effective 8/24/02.]