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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington

Chapter 478-117 WAC: Parking and Traffic Rules of the University of Washington, Bothell

WAC 478-117-200: Parking fees.

The institutions' governing boards shall adopt parking fees, specifying the charge per day, quarter, and year. Each institution may set its own rates for quarterly and yearly permits, but the rates for daily parking permits must be uniform for both institutions. Each institution shall sell quarterly and yearly permits to the employees and students only of its own institution. Each institution may also sell quarterly and yearly permits in its discretion to regular visitors to that institution.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.560 and 28B.20.130. 02-08-023, § 478-117-200, filed 3/26/02, effective 5/1/02.]