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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Washington Administrative Code

Title 478 WAC - University of Washington

Chapter 478-116 WAC: Parking and Traffic Rules of the University of Washington, Seattle

WAC 478-116-331: Nonmotorized vehicle fine schedule.

The following schedule of fines for violations of the rules listed below is hereby established.

Offense Category  Maximum
Citation Fine
Applicable Violations 
General  $10.00  Failure to yield to pedestrians, riding in restricted/prohibited areas, violation of state bicycle codes, see WAC 478-116-232
Major  $25.00  Negligent riding, see WAC 478-116-232.
Impoundment Fee  $10.00  Bicycle impoundment, skateboard impoundment, see WAC 478-116-365 and 478-116-371.
Skateboard Violations  $10.00 - $30.00  Fines based on number of violations within a set time period, see WAC 478-116-371
Late Payment Fee  Maximum Citation
Fine + $25.00 
Penalty for failure to pay fine, respond, or comply with the final decision of the citation hearing office within time limits, see WAC 478-116-301

[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.560 and 28B.20.130. 11-13-058, § 478-116-331, filed 6/14/11, effective 8/8/11.]