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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Student Governance and Policies

Student Policies


This table lists links to web or PDF versions of the sections of the document.
Section Read Online
Chapter 201 Extracurricular Participation
Chapter 202 Guidelines Relating to the Expenditure of Public Funds and the Use of University Facilities by the ASUW, GPSS, and Other Affected Organizations
Chapter 203 Feature Film Showings Policy
Chapter 204 Residence Halls, Apartments, and Family Housing
Chapter 205 Voluntary Fees of Students
Chapter 206 Provost's Advisory Committee for Students
Chapter 208 Reasonable Accommodation of Students with Disabilities

For related information, see:

  • Chapter 478-120 WAC, Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington
  • Chapter 478-140 WAC, Rules and Regulations for the University of Washington Governing Student Education Records
  • Executive Order No. 46, Guidelines for University Reporting to the Office of Immigration and Naturalization Service About International Students Holding F-1 (Student) Visas
  • Executive Order No. 58, Student Academic Grievance Procedures
  • ASUW Constitution
  • GPSS Constitution and By-Laws