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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Student Governance and Policies

Student Policies

Chapter 204

Residence Halls, Apartments, and Family Housing

1. Regulations pertaining to eligibility for use and assignments of space in University-operated residence halls, apartments, and family housing have been established by the Board of Regents, and are included in Chapter 478-156 WAC.

2. Each individual who is assigned and accepts space in University operated housing is required to sign a Residence Hall contract or a Family Housing rental agreement. Under certain circumstances, eviction proceedings will be initiated by the University against residents alleged to be in violation of housing contracts. These circumstances are outlined in the University's Pre-Eviction Procedures furnished to individuals by the Housing and Food Services Office. Copies of these procedures are available for inspection in the Housing and Food Services Office and the Visitors Information Center.

AI, October 1982.

For related information, see:

  • Chapter 478-156 WAC, "Rules for the University of Washington Residence Halls and Family Housing Apartments"
  • Executive Order No. 38, "Housing"