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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. 43

Policy Governing Acceptance of Honoraria



The University adopts the following policy pursuant to RCW 42.52.130.


General Rule

University employees are specifically authorized to accept honoraria, except as provided in Section 4. Consistent with the purposes of the 2005 Ethics Act Amendment, exceptions to the limitations in Section 4 may also be permitted following review and approval under the University's Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Policy (Grants Information Memorandum 10).



"Honorarium" and "Honoraria" as used in this policy, mean money or a thing of value offered to a University employee for a speech, appearance, article, or similar item or activity in connection with the University employee's official role. Honoraria may include money or a thing of value offered to University employees serving on scholarly or advisory bodies related to their academic work, public commissions, boards of philanthropic organizations, review panels or accreditation teams, or similar activities.


Limitations on Honoraria

RCW 42.52.130 does not permit University employees to receive honoraria under the following circumstances:

  A. The person, company, or organization offering the honorarium wants, or could reasonably be expected to want, to sell goods or services to the University, and the University employee is in a position to influence the University's decision to acquire that type of good or service;

  B. The person offering the honorarium is regulated by the University, and the University employee is in a position to participate in the regulation;

  C. The person offering the honorarium:

    1) Is seeking or opposing or is reasonably likely to seek or oppose enactment of legislation or adoption of administrative rules or actions, or policy changes by the University; and

    2) The University employee may participate in the enactment or adoption; or

  D. The payment is inconsistent with the University's Outside Professional Work Policy.

February 27, 1998; December 11, 2006.

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