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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. 25

Allocation of Institutional Allowances Associated with Graduate Fellowships

The cost to the University of Washington of providing the graduate and postdoctoral training and research undertaken by fellows and trainees is always substantially greater than the amount paid by supporting agencies to the University for tuition and fees. In recognition of this fact, several agencies of the federal government, as well as certain other granting organizations, provide institutional allowances to assist in the support of the fellows' and trainees' programs and for related purposes. These allowances are variously designated as "cost-of-education allowances," "fellowship allowances," "subvention to the University," "administrative allowance," and the like. The precise terms governing the disposition of such allowances vary, but the University is generally given considerable freedom in the administration of the allowance in recognition of the need for flexibility in University-wide support of advanced training and research.

Experience at the University under the existing procedures for disposition of institutional allowances has indicated the desirability of allocating an explicit amount to departments in support of each fellow and trainee currently enrolled and in support of related departmental needs. However, the allocation of such funds must be made in the light of all of the resources available to the University and the needs and requirements of all of the eligible departments. The Dean of the Graduate School has been given responsibility for administering these funds. In view of the above considerations, the following policies and procedures are established:

1. Institutional allowance funds from a particular source will be deposited in an appropriate "Source Account" which will acknowledge the source of the funds, e.g., National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Institutional Allowance.

2. Allocations from a particular institutional allowance will be made in the order given below provided that such disposition is consistent with the terms of the fellowship or traineeship award. The terms of the award will be honored, and, where the agency providing the allowance requires special accountability or allocation, or restricts the type of expenditure which may be made, the University will maintain separate expenditure accounts.

  A. Tuition, fees, and other University charges expressly covered in the terms of the award.

  B. An allocation of $500 per year for each fellow or trainee (or a smaller amount if less is available) to the fellow's or trainee's academic department. Except where special requirements or restrictions apply, all allocations to a particular department, regardless of source, will be placed in a single departmental account. Expenditures from such accounts will be made at the discretion of the chair of the department for purposes permitted under the terms of the fellowship or traineeship award. Departments will receive monthly reports on the status of the accounts prepared by Grant and Contract Accounting. No expenditure may be made from a departmental allowance account in anticipation of income.

  C. The remainder of the allowance to be transferred to the Graduate School Research Fund. The above arrangements are intended to provide a useful measure of discretionary departmental support related to the number of fellows or trainees enrolled in the department, and, at the same time, to make relatively unrestricted funds available on a broader basis to support advanced training and research.

June 1, 1972; October 3, 1977; October 1, 1982.

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