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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. 22

Helicopter and Airborne Vehicle Policy

1. It is the policy of the University of Washington that the general operation of helicopters and other airborne vehicles (e.g. hot air balloons, ultralight aircraft, hang gliders, skydiving) to and from the campus is prohibited due to considerations of personal risk, noise, disruption of campus programs, and the potential for property damage. Airborne operations shall be permitted under the following conditions:
  • When such operations are required to support human life, safety, and security;

  • When special airborne operations are required for construction projects.
2. Responsibility for the implementation of this policy for medical support flights is assigned to the Vice President for Health Sciences. Implementation of this policy for construction and/or safety and security activities is assigned to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

3. Proposals for airborne activities that do not meet this policy may be approved by the Vice President for University Relations after consultation with the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Criteria for such exceptional consideration include:
  • Nature of the service to be provided;
  • Alternatives to the proposed flight activity;
  • Potential for disruption of campus activities;
  • Risk issues.
December 19, 1986.

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