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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Faculty Code and Governance

Policies: Terms & Conditions

Chapter 53


Section 53-01   Compensation Prohibition

No person who is part of the teaching staff of a department, with the exception noted in Section 53-02 below, shall receive compensation for tutoring from individual students or groups enrolled in any course in that same department.

S-B 135, December 1980 with Presidential approval; [formerly EAP, Chapter 103].

Section 53-02   Compensation Exception

Exceptions must be approved by the director or chair of the school or department, or the dean of an undepartmentalized college or school, and may be granted only when both:

A. The needed tutoring can be provided only by a regularly employed graduate appointee; and

B. Such tutoring is provided to students or groups other than those enrolled in classes for which the graduate appointee has responsibility.

In those cases, written documentation of the circumstances must be placed on file in the school or department and in the dean's office. Under no circumstances will such an exception be made for a faculty member.

S-B 135, December 1980 with Presidential approval; [formerly EAP, Chapter 103].