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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Employment and Administrative Policies

University Employment

Chapter 109

Faculty Opinions

1.  Faculty Referenda Mechanisms

If faculty opinion in the form of a referendum is desired on an issue, procedures for such a referendum shall be as follows:

  A. If 15% of the voting members of the faculty petition the Secretary of the Faculty, the voting faculty will be polled on a given issue.

  B. The ballot presented to the faculty must include alternative choices, so drawn as to encompass a wide range of responses with respect to the issue. The criteria for and the precise questionnaire will be developed under the auspices of the Senate Executive Committee.

  C. Following such a poll, the results will be made available to the faculty, including the number of faculty polled, the number responding, and the percentage favoring the various responses.

2.  Extraneous Use of University Affiliation

Since situations embarrassing to the University have arisen when personal opinions of faculty and staff, especially on matters outside their fields of special competence, were identified in the public mind as the attitude of the University itself, faculty members are reminded of the need for discretion in the use of the University name in connection with personal communications and activities in which the individual's University connection is not significant.

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