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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Board of Regents Governance

Standing Orders

Chapter 9

UW Medicine Board

The Board of Regents is empowered by state law to establish, operate, and maintain a school of medicine and to operate, maintain, control, and supervise one or more hospitals to be used for patient care and as a teaching resource for the University health sciences professional schools.

In January 2000, the Board of Regents established a board, now known as the UW Medicine Board, to advise the Board of Regents, the University President, and the CEO of UW Medicine/Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs/Dean of the School of Medicine regarding the operation and governance of UW Medicine and to govern the patient care aspects of the University of Washington Medical Center.

The Board of Regents has approved the Bylaws of the UW Medicine Board; these Bylaws and other organic and policy documents can be found on the UW Medicine Board website.

BR, November 14, 2013 [Effective January 1, 2014].