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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Board of Regents Governance


Article III

Meetings of the Board

1.  Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held pursuant to a schedule and at locations established yearly by resolution of the Board. At such meetings any business related to the authority of the Board may be discussed and transacted.

The Chair of the Board, with the concurrence of a majority of the members of the Board, may cancel any regular meeting. The Board shall give no less than 24 hours' notice of cancellation of a regular meeting.

2.  Notice and Agenda

Notice of the time and place of the meeting together with a proposed agenda and all available, pertinent material shall be delivered to each member of the Board, by regular mail, electronic mail, or otherwise, not less than four days before any regularly scheduled meeting. Such proposed agenda and available pertinent material delivered to the members of the Board in advance of the date of a regular meeting shall also be posted (with the exception of any materials that are exempt from public disclosure under Washington law) on a web page accessible to the public via a link on the Board’s internet home page on the same day they are delivered to the members of the Board.

3.  Special Meetings

The University President, the Chair of the Board, or any six members of the Board may call a special meeting at any time. Not less than 24 hours before any special meeting, the Secretary shall have notified each member of the Board by written notice of the time, place, and the business to be transacted at the meeting. Such notice shall be distributed and posted in accordance with the laws of the state governing such meetings and will also be posted on a web page accessible to the public via a link on the Board's internet homepage on the same day it is provided to the members of the Board. The presence of a regent at the meeting or the regent's written waiver of notice filed with the Secretary shall constitute a waiver of receiving written notice of the meeting. When the meeting is called to deal with an emergency involving injury or damage, or the likelihood of injury or damage, to persons or property, and the time requirements for notice provided for above would be impractical and increase the likelihood of such injury or damage, such required notice may be dispensed with and the Secretary shall notify each member of the Board by the best means possible under the circumstances.

4.  Changes to Meeting Agendas

Changes to the agenda of either a regular or a special meeting may be permitted at the commencement of or during such meeting, except that final disposition shall not be taken on addenda to the agenda of a special meeting unless notice as required by applicable law has been given. An item may be removed from the consent agenda by request of any regent.

5.  Quorum

Six members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

6.  Manner of Acting

Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, a majority vote of those members present and casting votes at any meeting at which a quorum is achieved shall constitute an action of the Board. Voting by proxy is not permitted.

7.  Rules of Procedure

Robert's Rules of Order, latest revised edition, shall govern all meetings of the Board and its committees except where such rules of order are superseded by the Bylaws, Standing Orders, or Regent Policies of the Board.

8.  Remote Participation

Any board member may participate in a meeting of the Board by means of a conference telephone or similar communications mechanism that allows all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other simultaneously. Participation by such mechanism shall be equivalent to presence in person at the meeting.

9.  Minutes

The minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Board shall be kept by the Secretary. Such minutes, following approval, shall be open to public inspection in the office of the Secretary during regular University business hours and shall also be posted on a web page accessible to the public via a link on the Board's internet home page.

10.  Public Meetings

Regular and special meetings of the Board of Regents shall be conducted in conformance with the laws of the state of Washington governing such meetings. Subject to the requirements of state law, the Board may hold any regular or special meeting, or any part thereof, in executive session with participation limited to voting Board members. Other individuals may be invited to attend all or portions of an executive session as deemed necessary by the Board.

11.  Communications to and Appearance Before the Board

Any person who wishes to bring a matter to the attention of the Board may do so by submitting such communication in writing to the Secretary of the Board of Regents for distribution in accordance with the direction of the Chair of the Board.

The Board will provide an opportunity for public comment at each regular meeting. The Chair of the Board is authorized to determine how and when such comments will be taken and may place reasonable limits on the length of such comments.

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