University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

UW Tacoma Chancellor, UW Tacoma—
  Mark A. Pagano
Executive Vice Chancellor—Melissa Lavitt
Vice Chancellor for Advancement—
  Joshua Knudson
Vice Chancellor for Finance and
  Administration—Harlan Patterson
Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment
  Services—Cedric Howard
Vice Chancellor for Technology—
  Patrick Pow
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for
  Academic Affairs—Jennifer Quinn
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance—
  Jan Rutledge
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research—
  Turan Kayaoglu
Assistant Chancellor for Equity and
  Diversity—Sharon Parker
Assistant Chancellor for Instructional
  Technologies—Colleen Carmean

Admission, Advising, and Outreach

Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Admissions
  Officer—Karl Smith

Campus Safety and Security

Director—Susan Wagshul-Golden

External Relations

Director—Michael Wark

Facilities Services

Director—Stanley Joshua

Human Resources

Associate Vice Chancellor for Organizational
  Effectiveness and Development—
  Richard Wilkinson

KeyBank Professional Development Center

Director—Lisa Reeves


Registrar—Andrea Coker-Anderson

Student Administration

Director—Kathleen Farrell

Student Engagement

Dean—Edmund Mirecki

Student Success

Dean—Jeri Carter

Teaching and Learning Center

Interim Director—Jennifer Quinn

Undergraduate Education, Office of

Director—Deirdre Raynor

UW Tacoma Library

Associate Dean of University Libraries and
  Director for the UW Tacoma Library—
  Lauren Pressley
Assistant Director—Carol Svensson

Academic Programs
      Business, Milgard School of

      Global Honors
      Institute of Technology
      Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences,
        School of
             Curriculum and Academic
             Faculty Affairs and Student Affairs
      Social Work
      Urban Studies

Dean—Howard L. Smith
Associate Dean—Douglas Wills
Interim Director—Brian McAlister
Director—Divya McMillin
Interim Director—Rajendra Katti

Dean—Anne Bartlett

Associate Dean—Bonnie J. Becker
Associate Dean—Turan Kayaoglu
Director—Sharon Fought
Director—Diane Young
Director—Ali Modarres

July 1, 2016