University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Vice President for Student Life Vice President for Student Life—Denzil J. Suite
Associate Vice President for Student Life—
  L. Lincoln Johnson
Assistant Vice President for Student Life—
  Ellen Taylor
Director of Finance and Administration—
  Kathi Cordorva
Budget Manager—Imelda Ignacio
Manager and Administrator—Amy Kim
Marketing and Communications Manager—
  Leigh Tucker
Student Affairs Specialist—Sean Ferris
Parent and Family Programs Coordinator—
  Amanda Lobsinger


Director—Glenna Chang
Assistant Director—Lolie Farinas
Assistant Director—Duncan Robinson

Career Services, Center for

Director—Susan Terry
Associate Director—Briana Randall
Associate Director—Vic Snyder
Assistant Director—Emma O'Neill-Myers

Ceremonies, Office of

Director—Sara E. Griggs
Manager of Financial Operations—
  Kelly L. Chapman

Community Standards and
  Student Conduct

Director—Elizabeth Lewis

Counseling Center

Director—Ellen Taylor
Associate Director—Linda Anderson
Associate Director and Director of
  Training—Christine S. Grant

Disability Resources for Students

Director—Bree Callahan

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Director—David Hotz
Assistant Director—Krista Bennitt
Assistant Director—James Ehrmann

Health and Wellness Programs

Director—Shannon Bailie
Assistant Director—Jason Kilmer

Housing and Food Services

Director—Pam Schreiber
Associate Director for Facilities and Capital
  Planning—Rob Lubin
Associate Director for Student and Financial
  Services—Mark Stanley
Assistant Director for Communications/
  Marketing—Deborah Costar
Assistant Director for Facilities and
  Operations—Josh Gana
Assistant Director for Human Resources—
  Cheryl Ewaldsen
Assistant Director for Residential Life—
  Chris Jaehne
Assistant Director for UW Dining—
  Storm Hodge
Chief Information Officer—Larry Calter

Police Department

Chief—John Vinson
Deputy Chief—Randy West
Commander—Steve Rittereiser
Technical Services Director—Sue Carr

Q Center

Director —Jennifer Self
Assistant Director—Jaimee Marsh

Recreational Sports Programs

Interim Director—Gary Leonard
Associate Director, Facilities—Gordon Gresch
Associate Director, Operations—Gary Leonard
Associate Director, Programmed Activities—
  Katie Beth
Assistant Director, Golf Driving Range and
  Waterfront Activities Center—Jim Seagren
Assistant Director, Member Services—
  Julie Schroeder
Assistant Director, Outdoor Programs—
  Matt Jensen

Sexual Assault and Relationship
  Violence Information Service

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence
  Information Specialist—Melissa Tumas

Student Publications

Publisher—Diana Kramer


Director—L. Lincoln Johnson
Associate Director—Paul E. Zuchowski
Assistant Director, Activities—Rene Singleton

December 16, 2014