University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Social Work, School of Dean—Edwina Uehara
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs—
  Emiko Tajima
Associate Dean for Professional
  Development and Community
  Partnerships—Margaret Spearmon
Associate Dean for Research—
  Karina Walters
Interim Assistant Dean for
  Advancement—Greg Ross
Director of Finance and Administration—
  Vicki Anderson-Ellis
Director of Human Resources—
  Lorre Allen


Director—Juanita Ricks


Director—Bruce Betz

School of Social Work IT

Director—Tim Hunt

Student Services

Director—Lin Murdock


      BASW Program Director—Amelia Gavin
      Doctoral Program Director—Diane Morrison
      Extended Degree Program Director—Tessa Evans-Campbell
      Field Education Program Director—Leon Preston
      MSW Program Director—Tessa Evans-Campbell

Centers, Institutes, and Research Training

      Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence Director—Theresa Tanoury
      Behavioral Medicine Research Group

Director—Rona Levy
      Child Welfare Training and Advancement
        Program (CWTAP)

Director—Zynovia Hetherington
      Collaborative Health and Prevention
        Group (CHAP)

Contacts—Kevin Haggerty and
  Elizabeth Wells
      Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
        National Center for Gerontological
        Social Work Education

Principal Investigator—Nancy Hooyman
Co-Director—Suzanne St. Peter
      Forefront Director—Jennifer Stuber
      Healthy Generations Center Director—Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen
      Indigenous Wellness Research Institute

Director—Karina Walters
      Innovative Programs Research Group

Co-Directors—Lyungai Mbilinyi and
  Denise Walker
      Intergroup Dialogue, Education, and
        Action (IDEA) Center

Director—Ratnesh Nagda
      Partners for Our Children Director—Benjamin deHaan
      Predoctoral Training Program in Prevention
        Research Promoting Mental Health
        through Advances in Social Welfare

Director—Paula Nurius
      Social Development Research Group Director—Kevin Haggerty
      West Coast Poverty Center Director—Jennifer Romich
      Women's Welfare, Center for
Director—Diana Pearce

December 16, 2014