University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Senior Vice President for Finance
  and Facilities
Senior Vice President for Finance and
  Facilities—V'Ella Warren
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice
  President—Joanne Matson
Assistant to the Senior Vice President—
  Evelyn Berry

Capital Projects
      Administrative Services

      Business Services Group
      Major Projects Group
      Special Projects Group
      Strategic Programs

Associate Vice President—
  Richard K. Chapman
HR Administrator and Assistant to the
  Associate Vice President—Nancy Pryor
Director—Alan C. Nygaard
Director—Eric C. Smith
Director—Ron Fouty
Director—Jon M. Lebo
Director—John A. Palewicz

F2 Strategy Management

     Business Diversity Program
     Environmental Stewardship and
       Sustainability Office

Associate Vice President (and Associate
  Vice Provost)—Ruth A. Johnston
Manager—Angela Battle

Manager—Claudia Frere

Facilities Services

      Building Services Department
      Campus Engineering and Operations
      Emergency Management
      Facilities Maintenance and Construction
      Finance and Administration
      Organization Resources and Relations
      Strategic Planning and Continued
      Transportation Services

Associate Vice President—
  Charles Kennedy
Director—Gene Woodard
Executive Director—John C. Chapman
Director—Steve Charvat
Director—Damon S. Fetters
Director—James A. Angelosante
Director—Patricia Colaizzo

Director—Linda Tennant
Director—Josh Kavanagh

Finance and Administration

Executive Director—Barbara Wingerson

Financial Management


          Creative Communications
          Enterprise Risk Management

          Financial Accounting and Tax;
            Procurement Services
          Global Support Project
          Payroll, Records Management,
            and Travel
Associate Vice President and Controller—
  Ann Anderson
Director—Frank Davis
Associate Vice President and Controller—
  Ann Anderson

Associate Controller—Jeff Follman
Interim Manager—Karen Long

Associate Controller—Cindy Gregovich
     Research and Student Fiscal Services
          Cost Accounting and Analysis
          Equipment Inventory
          Grant and Contract Accounting—
            Campus Services
          Grant and Contract Accounting—
            Finance and Operations
          Management Accounting and
          Student Fiscal Services
Associate Vice President—Sue Camber
Director—Betsy Bradsby
Executive Director—Tami Sadusky

Director—Kirsten DeFries

Executive Director—Tami Sadusky

Executive Director—Mike Anthony
Director—Roy Lirio

Internal Audits

Executive Director—Richard Cordova
Associate Director—Charlene Hansen
Associate Director—Zenaida Shattuck


Chief Investment Officer—Keith Ferguson

Operational Excellence (LEAN; Metrics
  and Reporting)

Director—LuAnn Stokke

Real Estate

Chief Real Estate Officer—Todd Timberlake
Director—Jeanette Henderson


     Asset Liability Management and Financial
     Decision Support Services
     Risk Management
     Treasury Operations

Associate Vice President—
  Douglas W. Breckel

Senior Associate Treasurer—Chris Malins
Director—Dinah Millikin
Executive Director—Elizabeth A. Cherry
Associate Treasurer—Lisa Edlin

January 8, 2014