University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Public Health, School of Dean—Howard Frumkin
Senior Associate Dean—
  Shirley A. A. Beresford
Associate Dean for Programs and
  Research—Mark W. Oberle
Assistant Dean for Advancement—
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Public
  Health—Sara L. MacKenzie
Chief Financial Officer—Ben Robinson
Chief Operating Officer—Sarah H. Cave
Communications Director—Catherine Shen
Executive Assistant to the Dean—
  JeShawna Schmidt


      Biostatistics Chair—Bruce S. Weir
      Environmental and Occupational Health

Chair—David A. Kalman
      Epidemiology Chair—Scott Davis
      Global Health (with School of Medicine) Chair—King K. Holmes
      Health Services
Chair—Larry G. Kessler

March 19, 2014