University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Medicine, School of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), UW Medicine;
   Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs;
   and Dean of the School of Medicine—
   Paul G. Ramsey
Vice Dean—Suzanne M. Allen
Vice Dean—Ellen M. Cosgrove
Vice Dean—Lawrence R. Robinson
Vice Dean—John T. Slattery
Associate Dean—William Campbell
Associate Dean—Nora Disis
Associate Dean—Anne Eacker
Associate Dean—David Fisher
Associate Dean—Erika A. Goldstein
Associate Dean—J. Richard Goss
Associate Dean—Mark S. Green
Associate Dean—Mary Fran Joseph
Associate Dean—Byron D. Joyner
Associate Dean—Sheila Lukehart
Associate Dean—Michael J. Ryan
Associate Dean—Thomas O. Staiger
Associate Dean—F. Bruder Stapleton
Associate Dean—Carol C. Teitz
Assistant Dean—James Hendricks
Assistant Dean—Amity Neumeister
Assistant Dean—Christina M. Surawicz
Senior Advisor to the Dean—Harry R. Kimball
Senior Advisor to the Dean—Carol MacLaren


Acting Chief Diversity Officer—
  Victoria Gardner

WWAMI Program

Assistant Dean—Mary E. Barinaga
  (Idaho Clinical Programs)
Interim Assistant Dean—Joseph Cloud
  (Washington State University and University
  of Idaho)
Assistant Dean—Jay Erickson
  (Montana Clinical Programs)
Assistant Dean—Lawrence Kirven
  (Wyoming Clinical Programs)
Assistant Dean—John McCarthy
  (Eastern and Central Washington Clinical
Assistant Dean—Thomas Nighswander
  (Alaska Clinical Programs)
Assistant Dean—Darryl Potyk
  (Eastern and Central Washington Clinical
Assistant Dean—Kenneth P. Roberts
  (Washington State University-Spokane)
Interim Assistant Dean—Timothy Robinson
  (University of Wyoming)
Assistant Dean—Jane Shelby
  (University of Alaska, Anchorage)
Assistant Dean—Y. Ki Shin
  (Western Washington)
Assistant Dean—Martin Teintze
  (Montana State University)


      Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Acting Chair—G. Burkhard Mackensen
      Biochemistry Chair—Trisha N. Davis
      Bioengineering (with College of

Acting Chair—Cecilla M. Giachelli
      Bioethics and Humanities Chair—Wylie G. Burke
      Biological Structure Chair—John I. Clark
      Biomedical Informatics and
        Medical Education

Chair—Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
      Comparative Medicine Chair—H. Denny Liggitt
      Family Medicine Chair—Thomas E. Norris
      Genome Sciences Chair—Robert H. Waterston
      Global Health (with School of Public

Chair—King K. Holmes
      Immunology Chair—Joan Goverman
      Laboratory Medicine Chair—James S. Fine
      Medicine Chair—William J. Bremner
      Microbiology Chair—James J. Champoux
      Neurological Surgery Chair—Richard G. Ellenbogen
      Neurology Chair—Bruce R. Ransom
      Obstetrics and Gynecology Chair—David A. Eschenbach
      Ophthalmology Chair—Russell N. VanGelder
      Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Chair—Jens R. Chapman
      Otolaryngology—Head and Neck

Chair—Neal D. Futran
      Pathology Chair—Thomas J. Montine
      Pediatrics Chair—F. Bruder Stapleton
      Pharmacology Chair—William A. Catterall
      Physiology and Biophysics Chair—Stanley C. Froehner
      Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Chair—Richard C. Veith
      Radiation Oncology Chair—Nina Mayr
      Radiology Chair—Norman J. Beauchamp
      Rehabilitation Medicine Chair—Peter C. Esselman
      Surgery Chair—Carlos A. Pellegrini
Chair—Hunter Wessells

January 8, 2014