University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Law, School of Dean—Mario L. Barnes
Associate Dean for Academic
  Administration—Scott Schumacher
Associate Dean for Experiential
  Education—Christine Cimini
Associate Dean for Library and
  Technology Services—
  Jonathan Franklin
Associate Dean for Research and
  Faculty Development—
  Lisa Manheim
Interim Associate Dean for Students—
  Mary Hotchkiss
Assistant to the Dean—Dawn Bell

Academic Services

Assistant Dean—Pontus Niklasson


Interim Assistant Dean—
  Cristina Arteaga

Advancement Services

Assistant Dean—Craig Wright

Clinical Law Program

Associate Dean—Christine Cimini

Finance and Business

Assistant Dean—Jessica Brase

Human Resources

Director—Summer Korst

Marketing & Communications

Director—Staishy Bostick Siem

Student & Career Services

Assistant Dean—Melissa Berry

Technology Services

Director—Thayer York

William H. Gates Public Service Law Program

Director—Huy Nguyen


     Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual
       Property (CASRIP), Center for

Director—Zahr Said
     Asian Law Center Director—Dongsheng Zang
     Legal Education Support Program, Afghanistan Director—Jon Eddy
Codirector—Alice Stokke
     Native American Law Center Director—Robert Anderson

Graduate Degree Programs

     Asian and Comparative Law Program Director—Dongsheng Zang
     General LLM Director—Dana Raigrodski
     Global Business Program Director—Dongsheng Zang
     Graduate Program in Taxation Director—Scott Schumacher
     Health Law Program Director—Patricia S. Kuszler
     Intellectual Property Program Director—Bob Gomulkiewicz
     Masters of Jurisprudence Program Director—Patricia S. Kuszler
     PhD Program Director—Michael Townsend
     Sustainable International Development

Director—Anita Ramasastry

January 5, 2019