University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Law, School of Dean—Kellye Testy
Associate Dean for Academic
  Administration—Patricia C. Kuszler
Associate Dean for Library and Computing
  Services—Penny A. Hazelton
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty
  Development—Gregory A. Hicks
Associate Dean for Students—
  Mary Hotchkiss
Assistant Dean for Advancement—
  Kimberly Eckstein
Assistant Dean for Professional and
  Leadership Development—
  Michelle Gonzalez
Assistant Dean for Public Service—
  Michele Storms
Assistant to the Dean—Dawn Bell

Academic Services

Director—Pontus Niklasson


Assistant Dean—Mathiew Le

Advancement Services

      Alumni Relations Director—Beverly Sanders
      Marketing Manager—Alison Jones

Clinical Law Program

Interim Director—Scott Schumacher

Finance and Business

Director—Julie Straub-Barreto

Human Resources

Director—Paula Johnson

Trial Advocacy Program

Director—Maureen Howard

Graduate Programs and Centers

      Advanced Study and Research on
        Intellectual Property (CASRIP),
        Center for

Director—Toshiko Takenaka
      Asian Law Center and Afghanistan
        Legal Educators Project

Director—Dongsheng Zang
      Barer Institute Director—Tanya Karwaki
      Law in Science and Global Health,
        Center for

Director—Patricia S. Kuszler
      Law, Technology, and Arts Group Administrative Executive Director—
  Scott David
Academic Director—Robert Gomulkiewicz
      Native American Law Center Director—Robert Anderson
      Tax Program
Director—Scott Schumacher

January 8, 2014