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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Vice President for UW Information
  Technology and Chief Information
Vice President for UW Information
  Technology and Chief Information
  Officer—Aaron Powell

Academic Services

     Academic Experience Design and Delivery
     Accessible Technology
     Student Program

Associate Vice President and Deputy
  CIO—Erik Hofer
Director—Tom Lewis
Director—Sheryl Burgstahler
Director—Larry Calter

Chief Information Security Officer,
  Office of the

    Security Advising
    Security Incident Response and Threat
    Situational Awareness

Associate Vice President and Chief
  Information Security Officer (CISO)—
  Kirk Bailey
Manager—Braden Vinroe

Manager—Rebekah Skiver Thompson
Information Security Architect—
  Zephyr McLaughlin

Customer Service and Support
     Communications Solutions and
       Relationship Management
     Network and System Operations
     Technology Service Center

Assistant Vice President—Karalee Woody

Assistant Director—Felicia Watson
Assistant Director—Mike Houlihan
Director—Damien Koemans

Information Management

     Enterprise Administrative Applications
     Enterprise Document Management
     Enterprise Information, Integration, and

Associate Vice President—
  Anja Canfield-Budde
Director—Brent Holterman
Director—Cassy Beekman

Director—Robert McDade

IT Infrastructure

     IT Infrastructure Services
     IT Operations
     Regional Networks
     Service Management Office
     Workforce Strategy and Development

Associate Vice President and CTO—
  Brad Greer
Executive Director—Jan Eveleth
Director—Brian Boyd
Executive Director—Jan Eveleth
Director—Mary Mulvihill
Manager—Maureen Noonan

Research Computing and Strategy
     Cloud and Data Solutions
     Enterprise Architecture
     Program Management Office
     Technology Business Continuity

Assistant Vice President—Erik Lundberg
Director—Rob Fatland
Director—Pho Nam
Director—Jim Phelps
Manager—Cass Tang
Manager—Andy Ward

UW-IT Office of the Vice President
     Business and Finance
     Compliance Assurance and Major
     Human Resources
     Organizational Development

Chief Financial Officer—Bill Ferris
Director—Cindy Brown

Senior Director—Kerry Kahl
Director—Susan Lawrence
Director—Heidi Barta

January 5, 2019