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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Graduate School Vice Provost and Dean of the
  Graduate School—David L. Eaton

      Advancement and Alumni Relations
      Community Partnerships and Diversity       Computing and Information Resources
      Fellowships and Awards
      Finance and Administration
      Graduate Enrollment Management Services
      Jesse and John Danz/Walker Ames
      Marketing and Communications

Director—Kathleen Farrell
Associate Dean—Gino Aisenberg
Director—John Drew
Director—Helene Obradovich
Director—Gary Farris
Director—Julia Carlson

Director—Yvette Moy
Director—Elizabeth Lowry

Major Units
      Academic Programs
      Graduate Opportunities and Minority
        Achievement Program (GO-MAP)
      Graduate School Fund for Excellence and
        Innovation (GSFEI)

      Postdoctoral Affairs
      Student Affairs
      Teaching and Learning, Center for      
      University Press

Associate Dean—Rebecca Aanerud

Director—Cynthia Morales

Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate
  School—David L. Eaton
Associate Dean—Kelly Edwards
Associate Dean—Kelly Edwards
Director—Beth Kalikoff
Director—Nicole Mitchell

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs
      Biology Teaching Program
      Computational Molecular Biology
      Health Services Administration
      Human Computer Interaction and Design
      Individual Ph.D.
      Molecular and Cellular Biology (PhD)

      Molecular Medicine (certificate)
      Museum Studies (certificate)
      Near and Middle Eastern Studies (PhD)
      Neurobiology and Behavior

      Public Scholarship (certificate)
      Quantitative Ecology and Resource
      Second and Foreign Language Teaching
      Statistical Genetics (certificate)
      Urban Design and Planning Group

Chair—Doug Sprugel

Director—Martin Tompa
Director—Christopher E. Johnson
Director—James Landay
Director—Gordon Bradley
Co-Directors—Michael Emerman and
  David Raible
Director—Nancy Maizels
Director—Kris Morrissey
Director—Kris Morrissey
Director—Joel Migdal
Co-Directors—David Perkel and
  Jane Sullivan
Director—Bruce Burgett

Chair—Timothy Essington

Director—Amy Snyder Ohta
Director—Elizabeth Thompson
Director—Marina Alberti

January 8, 2014