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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Vice President for UW Finance
Vice President for UW Finance—
  Brian McCartan
Executive Assistant to the Vice President—


     Cost Accounting and Analysis
     Equipment Inventory
     Financial Accounting
     Grant and Contract Accounting
     Management Accounting and

     Research Compliance & Operations
     Student Fiscal Services          

Associate Vice President and Controller—
  Sue Camber
Director—Betsy Bradsby
Executive Director—Mike Anthony
Associate Controller—Dan Schaaf
Director—Kirsten DeFries

Executive Director—Mike Anthony
Director—Lupe Valencia
Executive Director—Kirsten DeFries
Director—Roy Lirio

Enterprise Services
     Creative Communications        
     Financial Accounting
     DATAGroup/Global Support
     Procurement Services
     Public Records, Office of
     Records Management
     Tax Management

Associate Vice President—Ann Anderson
Director—Frank Davis
Director—Dan Schaaf
Director—Doug Divine
Executive Director—Mark Conley
Director—Eliza Saunders
Director—Barbara Benson
Director—Kyle N. Richard

Integrated Service Center

Executive Director—Nancy Jagger

     Asset Liability Management

     Treasury Operations
          Operations & Analysis
          Operations & Investor Relations

Associate Vice President—Chris Malins
Senior Associate Treasurer—Bill Starkey
Associate Treasurer—Annette Sommer

Associate Treasurer—Alana Askew
Associate Treasurer—Ann Sarna

January 5, 2019