University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Vice President for UW Facilities
Vice President for UW Facilities—Lou Cariello
Executive Assistant—Joanne Matson

UW Capital Planning & Development
     Business Applications
     Capital & Space Management
     Major Capital Projects
     Real Estate

     Special Capital Projects
     University Architect, Office of the

Associate Vice President—Mike McCormick
Director—Jonny Chambers
Director—Michelle Reed
Interim Director—Tom Schappacher
Executive Director—Steve Tatge
Chief Real Estate Officer—Todd Timberlake
Executive Director—Jeanette Henderson
Director—Amy Engel
University Architect—Rebecca Barnes

UW Facilities
      Building Services Department
      Campus Engineering and Operations
      Emergency Management
      Engineering Services
      Facilities Employee Services
      Facilities Maintenance and Construction
      Finance and Business Services
      Strategic Planning and Continuous
      Transportation Services

Director—Gene Woodard
Executive Director—John C. Chapman
Director—Steve Charvat
Director—Damon S. Fetters
Director—Patricia Colaizzo
Director—John Parkin
Associate Vice President—

Chief Strategy Officer—Damon S. Fetters
Director—Anne Eskridge

January 14, 2019