University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Vice President for External Affairs Vice President for External Affairs—
  Randy Hodgins
Administrative Assistant to the Vice
  President—Jill Corrales
Director, Finance and Administration—
  Kathryn Daughhetee

Government Relations
      Federal Relations
      Regional and Community Relations
      Spokane/Eastern Washington Relations
      State Relations

Director—Sarah Castro
Director—Sally Clark
Director—Catherine Brazil
Director—Joe Dacca


      Marketing and Research
           Finance & Administration

General Manager & President—Caryn Mathes
Assistant to the General Manager &
  President—Fieta Robinson
Chief Content Officer—Jennifer Strachan
Chief Marketing Officer—Stewart Meyer
Chief Operating Officer—
Director—Janice McKenna


Director—Rob Rosamund

January 5, 2019