University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Vice President for External Affairs Vice President for External Affairs—
  Randy Hodgins
Administrative Assistant to the Vice
  President—Amanda O. Rich
Director, Finance and Administration—
  Kathryn Daughhetee

Government Relations
      Federal Relations
      Regional Relations
      State Relations

Director—Christy Gullion
Director—Theresa Doherty
Director—Margaret Shepherd

Media Relations and Communications

Associate Vice President for Media Relations
  and Communications—Norman G. Arkans
      KUOW Public Radio General Manager—Caryn Mathes
Assistant General Manager—Marcia L. Scholl
Program Director—Jeffrey W. Hansen
Director, Finance and Administration—
  Janice McKenna
Operations Director—Dane C. Johnson
      News and Information Interim Director—Vince Stricherz
Assistant Director—Sandra L. Hines
            UW Photography
            UW Today
Photographic Supervisor—Mary M. Levin
Editor—Vince Stricherz
      Public Records and Open Public

Director, Public Records—Eliza A. Saunders


      Content Development and Production

Associate Vice President/General Manager—
  John Haslam
Director—Ron Klamert
Director—Rem Roberti
Chief Engineer—James Alls

January 8, 2014