University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Environment, College of the Dean—Lisa J. Graumlich
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs—
  Julia Parrish
Associate Dean for Administration—
  Stephanie Harrington
Associate Dean for Advancement—
  Melinda Seevers
Associate Dean for Research—Rob Wood
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and
  Inclusion—Terryl Ross
Director of Finance and Administration—
  Kathryn Stout
Director of Information Technologies—
  Harry Edmon
Director of Marketing and
  Communications—Molly McCarthy
Director of Student and Academic
  Services—Michelle Hall
Assistant to the Dean—Andrea Perkins


        Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Director—André Punt
        Environmental and Forest Sciences Director—Dan Brown
        Marine and Environmental Affairs Director—Terrie L. Klinger
        Oceanography Director—Rick Keil

Departments and Programs

        Atmospheric Sciences Chair—Dale Durran
        Earth and Space Sciences Chair—Ken Creager
        Marine Biology Program Director—Kerry Naish
        Program on the Environment Acting Director—Kristina Straus
        Quantitative Ecology and Resource
          Management Program

Director—Tim Essington

Selected Interdisciplinary Centers,
  Institutes, and Programs

        Climate Change, Program on Director—Cecilia Bitz
Director—Ben Packard
             Climate Impacts Group Director—Amy Snover
             Washington Ocean Acidification Center Co-Directors—Terrie Klinger and
  Jan Newton
        Friday Harbor Laboratories Director—Billie Swalla
        International Trade in Forest
          Products, Center for

Director—Kent Wheiler
        Joint Institute for the Study of the
          Atmosphere and Ocean

Director—John Horne
        Mathematics Engineering Science
           Achievement (MESA)

Director—Gregory King
        Olympic Natural Resources Center Director—Bernard Bormann
        Pacific Northwest Seismic Network Director—Harold Tobin
        Precision Forestry Cooperative
Director—Monika Moskal
        Quantitative Science in Forestry,
          Fisheries, and Wildlife, Center for

Director—Tim Essington
        Quaternary Research Center Director—Ben Fitzhugh
        Stand Management Cooperative Director—Eric Turnblom
        Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest,
          Center for

Director—Greg Ettl
        UW Botanic Gardens (Center for Urban
          Horticulture; Rare Plant Care and
          Conservation; Union Bay Natural
          Area; Washington Park Arboretum)

Interim Director—Fred Hoyt
        Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife
          Research Unit

Director—Sarah Converse
        Washington NASA Space Grant

Director—Robert Winglee
        Washington Sea Grant Program
Director—Russell Callender

January 5, 2019