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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Education, College of Dean—Mia Tuan
Associate Dean for Research and
  Impact—Deborah McCutchen
Associate Dean for Undergraduate
  Programs—Carol A. Davis
Assistant Dean for Academic and
  Student Affairs—Martin T. Howell
Assistant Dean for Advancement—
  Eric Lawson
Assistant Dean for Teacher Education
  Programs—Patrick Sexton
Assistant Dean for Finance and
  Administration—Santhi Perumal

Academic Areas

     Educational Foundations, Leadership & Policy Chair—Nancy Beadie
     Learning Sciences & Human Development Chair—Susan B. Nolen
     Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Chair—Walter Parker
     Special Education, School Psychology &
       Measurements and Statistics

Chair—Roxanne Hudson

Centers, Institutes, and Programs

     Ackerley Partner School Network Director—Kara Jackson
     Banks Center for Educational Justice Director—Django Paris
     Cultivate Learning Center Director—Gail Joseph
     Danforth Educational Leadership Director—Ann O'Doherty
     Early Childhood and Family Studies Director—Lynn Dietrich
     Educational Leadership, Center for Executive Director—Max Silverman
     INSPIRE Executive Director—Elham Kazemi
     Institute for Science and Mathematics

Executive Director—Philip Bell
     Leadership for Learning Director—Anthony Craig
     Leadership in Athletics, Center for Director—Sara Lopez
     Masters in Education Policy Director—Thomas Halverson
     Norris and Dorothy Haring Center for
       Applied Research and Training in Education

Faculty Director—Ilene Schwartz
     School Psychology
Director—Janine Jones

January 5, 2019