University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Vice Provost for Educational Outreach Vice Provost for Educational Outreach—
  Rovy Branon

Academic Programs

      Advising and Evening Degree
      Online Learning and EDGE
      Program Operations
      UW Conferences

Senior Directors—Eric Bansleben, Karen
  Dowdall-Sandford, and Andy Hoover
Director—Connie Montgomery
Senior Director—Karen Dowdall-Sandford
Director—Karen Daniels
Director—Jan Kvamme

International and English Language Programs

Senior Director—Sandra Janusch
Director—James Evans


Senior Director—Risa de Gorgue


Assistant Vice Provost—
  Clark Westmoreland
      Facilities Management Associate Director—Michael Tinker
      Finance Senior Director—
  Eileen Willard Anastasio
      Human Resources Director—Jennifer Buck
      IP Licensing Manager—David McCone
      IT Operations Associate Director—Mark Elvy
      Market Research Director—Tieming Lin
      Project Management Office Senior Project Manager—Chris Powell
      Registration Services Associate Director—Sandy Awakuni
      Software Development Services

Interim Associate Director—
  Clark Westmoreland
Summer Quarter Director—Britta Simon


Senior Director—
  Eileen Willard Anastasio
Senior Director—Risa de Gorgue
UW-Yakima Valley Community Partnership
Director—Ricardo Valdez

December 9, 2015