University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

Business, Michael G. Foster
  School of
Dean—James Jiambalvo
Assistant Dean, Finance and   Administration—Kate Bouchard Cullen
Assistant to the Dean—Corinne Goellnitz

Academic and Faculty Affairs

Associate Dean—Thomas W. Lee
      Human Resources Director—Beverly Riedinger
      Information Technology Director—Mick Westrick
      Ph.D. Program Faculty Director—Scott Reynolds

External Relations

Associate Dean—Steven Hatting
      Marketing and Communications Managing Director—Eric Nobis
      Philanthropy Director—Michael Eisenhut

Masters Programs

Associate Dean—Daniel Turner
      Day and Evening MBA Assistant Dean—Daniel Poston
      Executive Education Associate Dean—Jean Choy
      Executive MBA Faculty Director—Charles Hill
Executive Director—Louise Kapustka
      Global MBA Faculty Director—Daniel Turner
      Master of Science in Information
        Systems (MSIS)

Faculty Director—Debabrata Dey
      Professional Accounting  
          Audit and Assurance Director—Zoe-Vonna Palmrose
          Tax Director—William Resler
      Technology Management MBA Director—Tracy Gojdics

Undergraduate Programs

Associate Dean—Stephan Sefcik
Assistant Dean—Vikki H. Day


      Accounting Chair—Frank Hodge
      Finance and Business Economics Chair—Jarrad Harford
      Information Systems and Operation

Chair—Kamran Moinzadeh
      Management and Organization Chair—Suresh Kotha
      Marketing and International Business Chair—Shailendra Jain

Centers, Programs, and Journal

      Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship Faculty Research Director—Suresh Kotha
Director—Connie Bourassa-Shaw
      Certificate of International Studies in

Faculty Director—Debra Glassman
      Consulting and Business Development

Faculty Director—William Bradford
Director—Michael Verchot
      Global Business Center Faculty Director—Debra Glassman
Director—Kirsten Aoyama
      Journal of Finance and Quantitative

Editor—Paul Malatesta
      Leadership and Strategic Thinking,
        Center for

Executive Director—Bruce Avolio
Director for Research—Chelley Patterson

Faculty Director—Jack Rhodes

December 9, 2015