University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Wide Leadership List

UW Bothell Chancellor, UW Bothell—
  Bjong Wolf Yeigh
Director for Diversity—Terryl Ross
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor—
  Ann Cox

Academic Affairs

Vice Chancellor—Susan Jeffords
      Academic Achievement Assistant Vice Chancellor—
  Leslie Ashbaugh
      Academic Planning  
            Curriculum Development Director—Annette Anderson
            Integrated Learning Director—Claire Fraczek
            Strategic Initiatives Director—Jonathan Cluts
      Enrollment Management Interim Director—Craig Wesley
      Information Technologies Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO—
  Joe Shelley
      Research, Office of Assistant Vice Chancellor—
  Carolyn Brennan
      Student Affairs       Dean—George Theo
      Teaching and Learning Center Director—David Goldstein

Administration, Planning, and Finance

Vice Chancellor—Ana Karaman
     Facility Services and Campus Operations Associate Vice Chancellor—
  Tony Guerrero
     Institutional Planning and Budget Senior Director—Segan Jobe
     Organizational Excellence and Human
       Resource Management

Assistant Vice Chancellor—Beth Beam
     Physical Planning and Space Management Director—Amy Van Dyke
     Security and Campus Safety Acting Director—Cham Kao

Advancement and External Relations

Vice Chancellor—Richard Penny
     Advancement Associate Vice Chancellor—Melissa Arias
     Government and Community Relations Assistant Vice Chancellor—Kelly Snyder
     Media Relations and Communications Director—Lisa Hall

UW Bothell Library

Associate Dean and Director—
  Sarah Leadley


      Business Dean—Sandeep Krishnamurthy
      Educational Studies Dean—Brad Portin
      Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Dean—Bruce Burgett
      Nursing and Health Studies Dean—David Allen
      Science, Technology, Engineering, and
        Mathematics (STEM)

Dean—Elaine Scott

Academic Programs, Institutes, and Centers

      Biotechnology and Biomedical Technology

Executive Director—Mike Stiber
Faculty Principal—Steve Collins
      Digital Future Lab Executive Director—Jason Pace
      Education Data and Research, Center for Director—Dan Goldhaber
      First Year and Pre-Major Programs Assistant Vice Chancellor—
   Leslie Ashbaugh
      Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal Director—Tom Bellamy
      Reinventing Public Education, Center on
Director—Robin Lake

December 9, 2015