University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Arts and Sciences, College of Dean—Robert Stacey
Divisional Dean—Catherine Cole
Divisional Dean—Suzanne Hawley
Divisional Dean—George Lovell
Divisional Dean—Brian Reed
Associate Dean—Stephen Majeski
Associate Dean—Kevin Mihata
Associate Dean—Tracy Ostrem


      Art Director—Jamie Walker
      Drama Acting Director—Lynn Thomas
      International Studies Director—Resat Kasaba
      Music Director—Richard Karpen

Departments, Divisions, and Programs

      American Ethnic Studies Chair—Juan Guerra
      American Indian Studies Chair—Christopher B. Teuton
      Anthropology Chair—Patricia Kramer
      Applied Mathematics Chair—Bernard Deconinck
      Asian Languages and Literature Chair—Paul Athens
      Astronomy Chair—Julianne Dalcanton
      Biology Chair—Toby Bradshaw
      Chemistry Chair—Michael Heinekey
      Classics Acting Chair—Alain Gowing
      Communication Chair—David Domke
      Comparative History of Ideas Director—Maria Elena Garcia
      Comparative Literature Chair—Eric Ames
      Computer Science Director—Hank Levy
      Dance Director—Jennifer Salk
      Digital Arts and Experimental Media Director—Juan Pampin
      Economics Chair—Fahad Khalil
      English Acting Chair—Anis Bawarshi
      French and Italian Studies Chair—Geoffrey Turnovsky
      Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Chair—Shirley Yee
      Geography Chair—Sarah Elwood
      Germanics Chair—Brigitte Prutti
      History Chair—Anand Yand
      Law, Societies, and Justice Director—Steve Herbert
      Linguistics Chair—Richard Wright
      Mathematics Chair—John Palmieri
      Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
Chair—Selim Kuru
      Philosophy Chair—Andrea Woody
      Physics Chair—Blayne Heckel
      Political Science Chair—John Wilkerson
      Psychology Chair—Cheryl Kaiser
      Scandinavian Studies Chair—Andrew Nestingen
      Slavic Languages and Literatures Chair—Katarzyna Dziwirek
      Sociology Chair—Kate Stovel
      Spanish and Portuguese Studies Chair—Donald Gilbert-Santamaria
      Speech and Hearing Sciences Chair—Diane Kendall
      Statistics Chair—Thomas Richardson

Selected Centers and Institutes

      Addictive Behaviors Research Acting Director—Mary Larimer
      Astrobiology Director—Victoria Meadows
      Baltic Studies Program Director—Guntis Smidchens
      Child and Family Well-Being, Center for Director—Liliana Lengua
      College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Shared
        Services Center

Director—Heidi Tilghman
      Communication and Civic Engagement Director—Lance Bennett
      Demography and Ecology Director—Sara Curran
      Disability Studies Director—Jose Alaniz
      Economic Policy Research Center Director—Theo Eicher
      Ethnicity, Race, and Sexuality Director—Jack Turner
      European Union Center of Excellence Director—James Caporaso
      Experimental Nuclear Physics and
        Astrophysics (CENPA)

Director—David Hertzog
      History and Philosophy of Science Director—Bruce Hevly
      Human Rights Minor Director—Jamie Mayerfeld
      Humanities, Simpson Center for the Director—Kathleen Woodward
      Integrated Social Sciences Directors—Deborah Porter and
  Mel Wensel
      International Economics Research Director—Kar-Yiu Wong
      Labor Studies Chair—Michael McCann
      Language Learning Center Director—Paul K. Aoki
      Learning and Brain Sciences Co-Directors—Patricia Kuhl and
  Andrew Meltzoff
      Materials and Devices for Information
        Technology Research

Director—Paul B. Hopkins
      Molecular Engineering and Sciences Director—Patrick Stayton
      Nuclear Theory Director—David Kaplan
      Process Analysis & Control (CPAC) Director—Brian Marquardt
      Social Science Computation and Research Director—Jerald Herting
      Statistical Consulting Center Director—Paul Sampson
      Statistics and the Social Sciences Director—Darryl Holman
      Study of the Pacific Northwest Director—Linda Nash
      UW Center for Performance Studies Director—Scott Magelssen
      UW Women's Center Director—Sutapa Basu

Museums and Performance Halls

      Burke Museum of Natural History and

Director—Julie Stein
      Henry Art Gallery Director—Sylvia Wolf
      Jacob Lawrence Gallery Director—Scott Lawrimore
      Meany Hall for the Performing Arts Executive Director—Michelle Witt
      UW World Series
Director—Michelle Witt

January 5, 2019