University of Washington Policy Directory

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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University-Wide Leadership List

Executive Vice President for Finance
  & Administration
Executive Vice President for Finance &
  Administration—Jeffrey F. Scott
Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice
  President—Joanne Matson

UW Finance and Administration

     UW Sustainability / Business Diversity

Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff—
  Barbara Wingerson

Director—Claudia Frere-Anderson

UW Compliance and Risk Services

     Compliance Services

     Risk Services
          Claims Services
          Risk Financing and Consulting

Interim Associate Vice Provost—
  David M. Anderson
Director of Strategic Initiatives—
  Susan Freccia
Executive Director—Jill Lee
Interim Director—Deb Austin
Director—Rebecca Bullock

UW Facilities
     Campus Engineering and Operations
     Finance and Business Services
     Integrated Operations & Engagement

Vice President for UW Facilities—Lou Cariello
Executive Director—John C. Chapman
Associate Vice President—
Chief Strategy Officer and Director—
  Damon S. Fetters
     UW Capital Planning & Development Associate Vice President—Mike McCormick

UW Finance

Vice President for UW Finance—
  Brian McCartan
Associate Vice President and Controller—
  Sue Camber
    Enterprise Services Associate Vice President—Ann Anderson
    Integrated Service Center Executive Director—Nancy Jagger
    Treasury Associate Vice President—Chris Malins

UW Human Resources

    Campus HR Operations & Services
    Labor Relations
    Total Talent Management
    UW Medicine Health System HR

Vice President for UW Human Resources—
  Mindy Kornberg
Executive Director—Amy Hawkins
Assistant Vice President—Erin Rice
Executive Director—Randall West
Assistant Vice President—Peter Denis
Executive Director—Ujima Donalson
Assistant Vice President—Nicki McGraw

UW Internal Audit

Executive Director—Richard Cordova
Associate Director—Charlene Hansen
Associate Director—Zenaida Shattuck

UW Strategic Consulting

Associate Vice President—LuAnn Stokke

UW Information Technology

    Academic Services
    Business and Finance
    Chief Information Security Officer

    Compliance Assurance and Major
    Customer Service and Support
    Information Management

    IT Infrastructure

    Research Computing and Strategy

Vice President for UW Information
  Technology and Chief Information Officer—
  Aaron Powell
Associate Vice President and Deputy CIO—
Chief Financial Officer—Bill Ferris
Associate Vice President and CISO—
  Kirk Bailey

Senior Director—Kerry Kahl
Assistant Vice President—Karalee Woody
Associate Vice President—
   Anja Canfield-Budde
Associate Vice President and CTO—
  Brad Greer
Assistant Vice President—Erik Lundberg

January 5, 2019