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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

University Travel Policy Regarding Travel on Private Aircraft and Acceptance of Payment of Travel Costs

(Approved by the President by authority of Executive Order 1; the Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs by authority of Executive Order No. 6; the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9)

1.  Policy

On various occasions University employees may receive invitations from individuals for free travel on privately owned aircraft to attend University events or for payment of travel costs to such events. Such free travel is beneficial to the University because the department, group, or school involved is able to reduce travel expenses and facilitate greater support for University events. The University wishes to accept these gifts, but at the same time is keenly aware of the need to prevent any appearance of intent by the donor to influence the University or its agents and employees. Consequently, the University has determined that the following policy should apply to travel on private aircraft. Gifts of travel can be recognized as in-kind gifts in accordance with Grants Information Memorandum (GIM) 34.

  A. Donation of Private Aircraft Travel Costs

An owner of a private aircraft or donor of travel costs must offer the opportunity for travel or funds to the University, not to individual employees or officers, by sending correspondence to the University specifically offering the travel or travel funds. Determination of the appropriateness of the travel on the private aircraft or how the travel funds will be used shall be made by a supervisor or manager to whom the traveler reports, such as the department director, dean, vice president, chancellor, Provost, President, or a member of the Board of Regents, depending on the needs of the University at the time.

  B. UW Guests

A spouse, family member, or guest may accompany an employee (or employees) on privately owned aircraft if there is no expense to the University and there is a bona fide business purpose for such travel, including but not limited to contractual rights of the employee. Factors that indicate a bona fide business purpose include, but are not limited to:

    #1 Official correspondence requesting that an invited guest, spouse, or family member make the trip;

    #2 The spouse, family member, or guest is required to attend official functions; or

    #3 The spouse, family member, or invited guest performs required services such as acting as a representative of the state or the University in a substantial manner.

  C. UW Compliance Personnel

University personnel or staff in official compliance office positions, such as Intercollegiate Athletics compliance personnel and UW Medicine Compliance staff, are prohibited from accepting free travel on privately owned aircrafts to attend University events or payment of travel costs to such events.

2.  Additional Information

For guidance on the applicability of this policy for any particular travel situation, employees should first consult with their supervisor or manager such as a department director, dean, vice president, chancellor, Provost, or President. In addition to the rules set out above, managers and supervisors are authorized to impose further restrictions and procedures on the employees in their work units.

January 24, 2007.