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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Performance Management Policy for Classified Non-Union Staff

(Approved by the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9)

1.  Policy

The purpose of this policy is to comply with WAC 357-37-015 by establishing the key points of the University of Washington's performance management process for classified non-union staff.

2.  Performance Management Purpose

The performance management process is intended to ensure that an employee understands:

  • The skills, knowledge, and competencies that that the employee must have to be successful in a position;

  • How job performance will be evaluated and how opportunities for improvement or skill enhancement will be identified;

  • How performance and/or training goals will be established;

  • When and how frequently performance evaluation will take place; and

  • How the employee's position relates to other positions in the unit.

3.  Performance Management Frequency

Supervisors must evaluate the performance of:

  • A probationary employee;

  • An employee serving a trial service period, or an employee serving a transition review period; and

  • A permanent employee, at least annually.

4.  Key Points in the Performance Management Process

The following are key points for supervising the employee's performance:

  • Develop and maintain a current accurate job description for each employee's position.

  • Ensure that the employee understands the duties, skills, and competencies for which the employee is responsible.

  • Establish goals and/or expectations that are related to the employee's duties and responsibilities. There should be an opportunity for employee input with this process.

  • Determine how the employee's performance will be evaluated relative to the goals and objectives that have been established for the position. There should be an opportunity for employee input with this process.

  • Ensure that the employee understands the goals and objectives established for the employee's position and how the employee's performance will be evaluated.

  • Establish a time frame during which evaluations will be conducted and ensure that the employee knows when this is.

  • Ensure that the employee has had an opportunity to review the forms that will be used during performance reviews and that the employee understands how the forms will be used.

5.  Supplementing the State Department of Personnel Employee Performance Evaluation Procedures and Forms

Units may supplement the Washington State Department of Personnel standardized planning and evaluation forms and procedures with special performance factors and assessment approaches that are specific to organizational needs.

6.  Additional Information

Contact the appropriate Human Resources Service Team Member listed on the Human Resources Service Team Assignments web page.

January 19, 2006.