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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Lump Sum Relocation Payment

(Approved by the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs by authority of Executive Order No. 4 and the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9)

1.  Policy

When it is necessary to successfully recruit or retain a qualified candidate who will have to make a domiciliary move in order to accept an academic appointment or staff position, the administrative official with delegated authority may authorize lump sum relocation compensation in accordance with the provisions of this policy statement. For faculty and academic appointees the delegated authority is the dean or director of libraries. For professional staff and classified staff the delegated authority is the dean, vice president, director of libraries or other position with equivalent administrative authority. For classified non-union staff, the President has final approval authority for lump sum relocation incentive payments (WAC 357-28-095 and 357-28-100).

Officials with delegated relocation incentive payment approval authority, as specified above, may require that specific unit implementation guidelines be established and followed before relocation incentive payments may be made.

Payment of the relocation incentive payment must be within existing resources (RCW 43.03.125). The relocation incentive may be in addition to the payment for actual moving expenses made in accordance with Administrative Policy Statement 34.1, "Payment of Moving Expenses Incurred by New or Transferred Employees."

2.  Amount of Compensation

In determining the amount of relocation compensation that is appropriate, the delegated authority will consider such factors as the availability of qualified candidates, the skills and qualifications of the candidate, and the difficulty of recruitment.

3.  Exceptional Payments

Relocation payments in excess of 25% of the employee's first year annual salary must be approved in advance by the Provost, or designee, for faculty and academic appointees, and the Vice President for Human Resources, or designee, for staff.

4.  Repayment

If within one year of the date of appointment the employee voluntarily terminates employment, or engages in behavior that makes termination of employment necessary, the full amount of the relocation incentive payment must be repaid to the University. Employment offer letters must include notification of the repayment provision.

Termination of employment as a result of layoff, disability separation, or other good cause as determined by the Provost or Vice President for Human Resources, or their respective designees, will not require repayment of the relocation compensation.

5.  Procedures

For information on how to obtain a Relocation Incentive Payment approval, see the Lump Sum Relocation Incentive Payment web page.

October 8, 2003.