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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Reporting Requirements for Lobbying Activities

(Approved by the Director of Government Relations by authority of Executive Order No. 1)

1.  Policy

In compliance with RCW 42.17.170 (originally Washington Initiative Measure No. 276), the University must report quarterly to the state Public Disclosure Commission regarding its employees' official contact with legislators or their staffs when the purpose of the communication is to influence legislation or state agency actions, except for communications regarding preparation of the University's budget and for all lobbying done where no public funds are spent for salaries, transportation, etc.

2.  Reporting Requirements

The names of University employees who communicate directly with a legislative or rule-making body or its staff and who represent the University's official position must be forwarded to the University's Office of Government Relations. Quarterly deadlines are announced in University Week.

The following information should be included in the written quarterly report:

  • Employee's name and title;

  • Name of legislator or legislative committee contacted;

  • Funds spent for salaries, travel, publications, etc. (the appropriate salary figure is obtained by multiplying one quarter of the employee's annual University salary by the percent of time devoted to the lobbying effort);

  • The nature of the contact (in one sentence or less, including the specific bill or WAC number if appropriate).

3.  Additional Information

For more detailed information contact the Office of Government Relations:

  • Phone: 206-543-7604
  • Campus mail: Box 351278
  • Email:

May 1, 2002.