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Getting to the U


Over 57,000 students, staff and faculty make the trip to the UW every day and parking is limited and expensive. Choose a U-PASS instead of driving alone and you will reduce transportation expenses substantially compared to driving, plus you will enjoy other U-PASS benefits.

U-PASS Services and Transportation Options

Wherever you are traveling from, Transportation Services' Commute Concierge can help you personalize your commute.

It's easy to get a U-PASS. The U-PASS provides faculty, staff and students with a variety of low-cost transportation options - from buses, commuter train service and light rail, to vanpooling and discounted impromptu carpooling.


For many commuters, biking is the quickest and easiest way to get to the UW. We have excellent bicycle facilities and the biking web page has information about racks, lockers and showers. With a U-PASS you can extend your trip by taking your bike on the bus.

Live close enough to walk to campus? Try out a healthy commute. It's simple, easy and inexpensive.


Zipcar, a private membership-based car sharing program, provides you access to a new-model vehicle or pick-up truck for personal and business use. Leave your car at home and use Zipcar on days you have meetings or errands.

Occasional Drivers

Need your car once or twice a week for after-work meetings or picking up the kids? Purchase Individual Commuter Tickets.

Parking Permits

If you can't take advantage of the U-PASS or are unable to get here without driving alone, parking permits may be purchased at Transportation Services.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services has current information about parking fees and procedures including information about carpooling and vanpooling.

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