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New Employee Orientation
Conflict of Interest

University employees are prohibited from engaging in certain activities that would result in personal gain or the personal use of state resources, or conflict with their University appointment in any way. The following summarizes the relevant information.

Ethics in Public Service Act - Personal Use of State Resources
The Ethics in Public Service Act prohibits state employees from accepting a gift, gratuity, or additional compensation for personal services rendered as part of official duties, per Chapter 42.52 of the Revised Code of Washington.

Regulations published by the State Executive Ethics Board generally prohibit the personal use of University facilities and equipment with some limited exceptions. UW Administrative Policy Statement 47.2 describes the extent to which UW computers, email, and local telephones may and may not be used for personal use. University resources may not be used for political purposes.
Procurement Integrity
University employees are prohibited from offering promises of future employment, business opportunities, money, gratuities, or other things of value to federal procurement agents. University employees are prohibited from soliciting information about proprietary or source selection information from any federal officer or employee before a contract is awarded. University employees responsible for a federal contract over $100,000 may be required to certify before the award that they have no information of a violation of the procurement integrity provisions. See the Procurement Integrity Provisions of Public Law 100-679 (1988).
"Kickback," as defined by federal regulations, is any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or compensation of any kind that is provided directly or indirectly to any prime contractor, prime contractor employee, subcontractor, or subcontractor employee for the purpose of improperly obtaining or rewarding favorable treatment. University employees are prohibited under federal and state laws from accepting or offering kickbacks.
Whistleblower Act
State employees may report improper governmental actions to the State Auditor's Office or to designated University officials. To encourage the reporting of improper governmental actions, employees are protected from reprisal or retaliatory action by the provisions of state law. See Chapter 42.40 of the Revised Code of Washington and Administrative Policy Statement 47.1.
Outside Consulting Work
Faculty and staff are required to receive prior approval from their supervisors before engaging in outside professional work for compensation. See Administrative Policy Statement 47.3. University facilities and resources, including computers and email, may not be used in outside work.


UW employees may have access to information or materials that are considered confidential. Employees are expected to use discretion and care with confidential information or documents.

If you are not certain about which information is considered confidential, consult with your supervisor or departmental administrator.

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