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New Employee Orientation
Organizational Overview

As a UW staff member, you have joined a community of professionals who support the University's mission by providing critical services to students, faculty, fellow staff, and our local community.

UW Mission


US News & World Report consistently ranks our undergraduate and graduate programs among the top in the nation, including family medicine, computer science, creative writing, drama, nursing, and public health.


Each year the UW is one of the top public universities in the nation for federal research funds received.

Public Service

The UW offers evening degree programs, performing arts, museums, community health care and education, law services (mediation clinics and low cost services), libraries, the Urban Horticultural Center, the Arboretum, programs for minority and disabled youth such as DO-IT, and many other services to our community.

Our Campuses and Other Locations

In addition, the UW has research and educational facilities throughout the state of Washington and in Alaska, Costa Rica, and Rome.

Our Medical Centers

UW Medicine is also a part of the University of Washington, with two academic medical centers:

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