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Leave & Holidays

Regular UW classified and professional staff are eligible for a variety of leave, consistent with the provisions of their employment program and University policy. The following is an overview of certain leave provisions.

Professional staff should review the leave provisions of the Professional Staff Program. Employees covered by a union contract should review the leave provisions of the contract that covers their employment. If you are uncertain whether you are covered by a union contract or which contract applies to your employment, talk with your supervisor or departmental administrator.

If you have prior UW service or other Washington State service, complete the Request For Crediting of Previous Washington State Employment.


Leave Accrual

Annual/Vacation Leave
All regular full- and part-time staff accrue annual leave. The amount of annual leave accrued increases based on length of service, up to an established maximum. Classified staff accrue annual leave from their date of hire, but must complete six months of employment before annual leave can be used. Professional staff may use annual leave after completing one month of employment with the University.
Sick Leave
Full-time employees earn eight hours of sick leave per month. When using sick leave it is essential to follow department procedures for absence notification.
Bereavement Leave
Bereavement leave is granted in accordance with the rules, contract or policy that governs a persons appointment. See the Employee Leave web pages.
Civil Duty Leave
Employees are granted leave with pay to serve on jury duty, when subpoenaed as a trial witness, or to exercise other subpoenaed civil duties. Employees on civil duty leave may retain compensation received for such service.
Disability Leave
Disability leave is granted for a reasonable period when an employee is precluded from working because of a disability. See the University's Disability Leave and Reasonable Accommodation web pages.
Education Leave
A leave of absence without pay may be granted for educational leave for the duration of attendance in the educational program.
Family and Medical Leave Act
Each calendar year, eligible employees are entitled to up to 12 weeks of leave for an FMLA-defined serious health condition, a family member's serious health condition, or for parental leave following the birth of a child or following the placement of an adoptive or foster child. See the Employee Leave and Holiday web pages for your appointment type and then find the "Family & Medical Leave" link in the right-hand navigation column. Also the Life Events web pages.
Military Leave
Military leave is granted in accordance with state and federal law. See the Military Leave web page for your employment category.
Parental Leave
Parental leave is granted for the purpose of bonding with a natural newborn, adoptive or foster child. The leave may be a combination of vacation, compensatory and unpaid leave. See Human Resources' Life Events web pages.


The University's holiday scheduleprovides 10 days leave with pay.

Personal Holiday

In addition to the 10 scheduled holidays, each staff employee who has been continuously employed by the UW for more than four months is entitled to select one personal holiday per calendar year. The personal holiday must be used during the year in which it is earned or it is forfeit.

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