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New Employee Orientation
Human Resources

Our mission is to recruit, develop, and retain individuals whose work advances the vision and mission of the University of Washington.

Service Teams to Help You

To better serve you, HR Service Teams composed of employment specialists and human resource consultants will work directly with you and your department to ensure that your professional needs are met.

To find your Service Team members, visit the HR Service Team webpage.

Service team functions are organized into two operations units:

  1. Campus HR Operations
  2. UW Medicine Health Systems Human Resources

Specialty HR Functions

The following HR service units provide services of interest to University employees.

Especially for Supervisors

Professional & Organizational Development conducts the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) which is a centrally-funded, comprehensive training program for UW supervisors. All newly hired or promoted UW supervisors are required to complete the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) within six months of appointment.

The UW recognizes the vital role supervisors play as leaders, and seeks to provide them with additional support through training in the following core competencies:

SLP is a multi-day workshop with the following requirements:

  1. Newly appointed supervisors must complete the program within six months of appointment.
  2. Participants must attend all workshop sessions.
  3. Due to curriculum design, no make-up classes are accepted.

Visit the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) webpage for more information and to register.

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