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New Employee Orientation
Computing & Information Technology

UW Technology is the organization charged with providing high-quality University-oriented information technologies, technology infrastructures, and related services to students, faculty, and staff.

The IT Connect(Information Technology) web site can help you learn about computing at the UW. On this site you will find "how-to's" for managing your UW NetID (see below), using UW email, publishing on the Web, and accessing MyUW (see below), along with many other centrally-administered computing and networking services.

If you need to configure your home computer to connect to the UW network, the UW Tech offers tools for safe computing.

Proper Use of Technology Resources

State of Washington laws and regulations govern employee use of digital technologies. Below is a brief overview of the rules. See Administrative Policy Statement 47.2 for specific information.

E-mail is not secure and under the Washington Public Disclosure Act, state employees have no right to privacy in e-mail, see guidelines on email usage.


Your UW NetID (with password) is your personal identification for using UW computing resources. It is the first part of your UW e-mail address and, with your password, is required of UW employees who use central computing services.

A UW NetID is required to access many additional campus computing resources, including general usage computing labs, email, Employee Self Service (ESS) (see below), and MyUW (see below).

Set up your UW NetID now.

Computing Security

Protect yourself, your work, and the University of Washington

Practicing secure computing is everyone's responsibility. Anyone who obtains your UW NetID and password can:

Help protect yourself and your UW colleagues from computer viruses and intruders by learning more about security.

MyUW and Employee Self Service

MyUW is a personal portal to UW services that is available to UW students, faculty, staff and alumni with UW NetIDs. MyUW gives you access to specially tailored Web resources based on your role at the university and your personal preferences. You can personalize MyUW by selecting information from a menu provided and add your own bookmarks.

If you select the Faculty/Staff tab, you can access your personal Payroll and Benefits information via the Employee Self Service (ESS) web pages.

Via ESS you can view and/or update your:

Personalizing MyUW to suit your specific needs can help you do your work more easily and effectively.

Information Resources

UWIN is the University's "internal" homepage. It is a great resource for accessing administrative information you might need to get your job done. A good way to access information is to use the "search" and "directories" links that appear on the top right corner of most of the UW's administrative webpages.

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