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Organizational Restructuring


Plan for Change

Organizational leaders often find it necessary to change how their units operate for reasons like:

A successful reorganization requires careful advance preparation and planning that addresses programmatic needs, support services required to advance organizational goals, and effective workforce planning and communication.

Staffing Considerations—Involve Human Resources

The University operates in a complex employment, statutory, regulatory, and procedural environment. It is critical that you involve UW Human Resources if you are planning changes to your organizational structure that may result in:

Such changes can result in the need to:

Your Human Resources Consultant will review your plan with you to help identify potentially problematic issues and discuss alternative options.

Labor Relations Considerations

Reorganizations that affect classified staff covered by a labor contract often raise concerns about:

Your HR Consultant will help you identify, understand, and plan for potential labor relations issues that may arise.

Change Management Considerations

Managing change effectively is no easy task. Take advantage of UW expertise by contacting Professional & Organizational Development (POD). POD can connect you with an organizational development or change management consultant to provide a framework for change, including:

  1. Setting the Tone - Creating the climate for the change and determining what is changing.
  2. Communication - Preparing and delivering a single message and vision for change.
  3. Recognizing and Rewarding Positive Behavior - Implementing and sustaining the change, enabling action, and celebrating short-term wins.  

Communications Considerations

Ensuring that employees, clients, and partners know what is happening, why it is happening, and how it affects them is critical to successful organizational change. The Layoff & Reduction Communications Planning web pages can help you develop your communications plan.



Layoff & Reduction - Planning & Implementation